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General Map of Germany 1:750 000

Map sheets General Map of Germany 1:750 000

The General Map of Germany shows, among others:

  • Transportation routes (rail transport, motorways, federal and regional roads with road number),
  • Administrative borders (national and state borders),
  • Names (places, waters, mountains, landscapes, countries),
  • Terrain forms with coloured relief,
  • Waterways,
  • Elevation spots,
  • Airport symbols,
  • Map grid and a legend
You can also obtain this map topic as a folded map "Overview map of Germany with physical map". Please see navigation bar under "Maps 1:1.000.000".

The wall map is available in two versions:
With rod and suspension or without rod (e.g. for fixing by magnets, push pins etc., or for mounting on another support material).

Both maps are delivered rolled in a plastic quiver in order to avoid damage during transport.

General Wall Map Germany 1 : 750,000 with suspension arrangement

With suspension arrangement, rolled in a plastic tube,
Edition 09/2019,
ca. 96 cm x 136 cm
Euro 16.90
General Wall Map Germany 1 : 750,000

Rolled in a plastic tube,
ca. 96 cm x 136 cm,
Edition 09/2019 
Euro 12.90

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